By De La Pham: The One Who Stopped Fighting

The one who stopped fighting

you see, the thing is.. everyone is fighting for something.

whether it’s their life? someone else’s? a dream? a goal? a person? happiness? sadness? death? life? or love?

everyone’s fighting for something.

but then you meet the people who stopped, who stopped fighting for their lives, someone else’s, a dream, a goal, a person, happiness, sadness, death, life and most importantly love.

those people are lost in their own ways and lost in every way to the world.

These are the people who fought till they lost all of their fights and became brutally injured; inside and out.

how do you save someone who’s not willing to save themselves? do you let them drown? do you let them go in order to save yourself? the truth is… you learn.

you learn what your strength is, you learn what your weakness is, you learn what happiness does to you and what sadness does to you all because of one person. The one who stopped fighting.

you learn that your soul becomes apart of theirs only because your own lost soul finds another lost one and rekindles everything. Mesmerizing it to feel like they are no longer alone in this cruel world we all live in. Here’s the good part, you become a huge part of their lives, in fact you become their favorite. The part where they run to because it’s where they no longer feel lost. You in some ways become their home and they become yours.

You’ve learned what your strength does to others in a positive way. But what does it do to you?  I learned I can be someone’s light to help guide them out of their torturous darkness. But I also learned doing so people can take advantage. In learning your strengths, you learn your weaknesses. You learn you cannot take someone else’s pain and make it your own. But it’s not because you want them to think you understand you know how it feels because you couldn’t possibly. You make it your own pain so they don’t have to carry so much of it now. You start to care and that’s when you mess up. My weakness is thinking i can become someone’s happiness. You learn that you love this person and you want nothing but the best for them. Strangely enough, you learn about happiness here.  When it comes to happiness, it is within you. It is your light and your life. It is who you are. You bring your own happiness and someone else is supposed to simply add to it. Sometimes, when you’re bringing your own happiness.. People tend to take it as their own. This is where you learn sadness. As quick as I wrote about happiness is how quickly it went. Learning about someone else’s sadness brought me my own. As well as old pain that I had. But as hard as everything was, in the end.. I still learned more about myself than I ever have. I learned about my strengths, weaknesses, what makes me happy and what makes me sad. I learned I am the person in charge of it all and not the person who stopped fighting.. Because you know what? I am not the one who stopped fighting.